My Projects

Here's a brief showcase of some of the projects I have worked on. Unfortunately, I have lost the code for some of my older programs (younger me wasn't aware of version control). Aside, I hope you enjoy!


Snake AI Gamebot

Machine Learning

A side-project in high school, this bot uses Tensorflow to train a simple NN model with real player data. The data contains a minimal amount of information such as the snake's direction, distance to the wall, and the vector from the head to the apple.


"The Clarkanoid"

RPG Game

Entirely made in OCaml (using functional and imperative features). Implements its own Entity-Component-System, custom pixel art, enemy AI, soundtracks, animations, and storyline. Partners: Mark Caputo and Alex Drake

Thomson Problem

Physics Simulation

I built this project in around 2-3 hours as a test of my C++ "skills." This is a simulation of electrons existing on a "sphere" world. This problem minimizes the forces/energy between every electron pair. The resulting shape forms interesting spiral patterns.

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

Game AI

Features a Monte-Carlo search tree which simulates 30,000+ entire games per second. I built this project in around 2-3 days to learn Kotlin, though I have yet to beat the AI.



Written in Kotlin, an optimizing compiler targeting x86 for a procedural language, Xi. Won the "2022 Compiler Bakeoff" Partners: Omkar Bhalerao, Vivian Ding, Felix Roz


Traveling Salesman Problem


Algorithms feature brute force, a greedy algorithm, a greedy algorithm with swapping, and an ant-colony heuristic, in which several "ants" travel along the paths and leave "pheremones". The paths with the most pheremones tends to suggest the quickest path.



Game AI

Also in the 2-3 days I made an Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe game, I built my own chess engine and GUI with simple opponent AI. The AI features a minimax search (including alpha-beta pruning) and a simple evaluation function to assess ~20,000 positions per second.

Redox Wireless


Based on the Redox Wireless . This is the custom mechanical keyboard I built (hand-soldered pcbs and 3D printed cases). Wireless, orthilinear, hot-swap.


Steer Calendar

iOS App (Swift)

Built during the spring break in 10th grade. A student registers their classes using Google Firebase, which are then saved using SQLite. The app fetches information from the calendars of the saved classes, parses the iCal data, and then displays assignments and other course content on students’ devices.

Critter World

Grammar Parsing and Simulation

A graphical simulation consisting of multiple critters, each using an abstract syntax tree to store a parsed program written in a custom language, “critter-lang.” ASTs are interpreted and simulated each time-step.


Physics Simulation

A real-time implementation of the Navier-Stokes equation, based on the 2003 paper: Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games . This model accurately predicted the aerodynamics of air-foil designs.



My most ambitious build so far, I am designing a PCB for a split keyboard with an RP2040 microcontroller. Stay tuned!